Marie-Hélène Le Ny

[No] Mater




Mater) / [No]Mater

Centre d'art de la Ferté-sous-Jouarre
8 mars-21 avril 2019

Lart dans les chapelles du Léon
- chapelle de Saint-Maudez à Lesneven
14 juillet/15 août

Whether women are mothers or not, motherhood is the cornerstone of a gender-based social organization. Maternity representation remains marginal for centuries when women have no place as artists. Today, advertising and medical extension offer approaches to (non)motherhood that are most often watered down and consensual, far from the feelings of women and the many situations encountered, which range from fear to ecstasy.
With Delfine Ferré, we have chosen to explore this subject through visual proposals - drawings, installations, photographs, texts...- to compose a polyphonic and polysemic story that everyone is invited to discover and appropriate.

The conception of becoming a mother as a state close to the firmament acquired in the moment, by instinct, is to be fought (...) for ourselves, in ourselves.(...)
No child will be born alive and healthy physically and psychically if it has not been carried by our humanity.

“Dans l’intime des mères”, Sophie Marinopoulos


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