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  Infinités plurielles


 Infinités plurielles
 145 women speak about science...


exhibition produced by the french ministry of Research and Higher education

My work is deep-rooted in a meeting and exchange's aesthetic. It nourishes itself of my world's observation and with interactions' protocols with différent social groups.
They lead me most often in photographic series in which humans' questionings keep a central place.
I invite each subject facing my lens to collaborate to the achievment of a portrait which represent him/her, images and words reinforce mutually to invit us to cross the appearances and question our images' factories and our method of representation of alterity...

This partnership with the ministry of Research and Higher education is born of my first series of sound portraits achieved in 2010.

From all over France, 145 passionate women scientists are guiding you behind the scenes of our mysterious world. They are chemists, biologists, or mathematicians. They are (astro) physicists, lawyers, historians, or climatologists. They are computer scientists,
economists, geologists, physicians, philosophers and sociologists. Some are young researchers, others are professors or engineers. They work in the private or public sector. But thanks to all of them, cutting-edge and amazing research is being revealed in this exhibition.

With generosity they tell their desire to contribute pushing away knowledge's borders, to find solutions for harm and problems of today, to improve populations' lives, to try to do in sort that our planet stays liveable for next generations. Also the pleasure of research, of a team's work, of the joy to find and the thirst of knowing.

Françoise Héritier, (1933/2017)
Anthropologist, Emeritus Professor in Collège de France
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